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MOC is a professional manufacturer of automotive and motorcycle suspension and exhaust pipes. Advanced technology and equipment are employed in every stage of the production and improving high-quality products. In addition, the MOC R&D team possesses extensive experience in suspension development. All MOC products are manufactured in Taiwan, including performance, installation, durability, and safety testing of suspension.
Motorcycle shock absorbers that MOC manufactures meet the highest standards of international control and management systems. MOC has achieved excellent sales performance in the aftermarket by upgrading shock absorbers for various OEM collaboration models such as HONDA, TESLA, SKODA, AUDI, LEXUS, MAZDA, HYUNDAI, BENZ, BMW, NISSAN, TOYOTA, CHERY, SUBARU, and more.

Double Wishbone Top Mount
Double Wishbone, the structure is more complicated. Its advantage is that there are two control arms that can enhance the shock absorption effect, but the cost is high, and it is mostly used in performance cars or large cars.In order to pursue better ride comfort and handling, the structure of the double A-arm is more complicated, consisting of upper and lower control arms, struts, steering knuckles, etc. The upper control arm is short and the lower control arm is long. A total of two control arms support the axle, while the shock absorber is installed in the control arm, and the upper end is also fixed to the frame.
It can reduce the height of the car without affecting the shock absorber stroke, improve the stability of sticking to the ground and reduce the drag coefficientThe body of the shock absorber increases the piston to increase the damping force and slow down the working temperature.Oil concentration rises to maintain long-term damping force.
Double Wishbone Top Mount
Front fork upper assembly
Front fork spring
Rear differential spring tray assembly