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About Us
Company Profile
MOC Motor Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2021, dedicated to the development, design, and manufacturing of professional suspension . With a focus on quality and a commitment to high manufacturing standards, MOC introduces the excellent quality of suspension to countries worldwide.
Brand Introduction
The Passion of Racing Drivers
Racing, much like life, even is a battlefield. It is a harsh and brutal reality. Only those who emerge victorious after a series of adventures are qualified to taste the sweetness of championship glory. They carry the halo of triumph into even deeper explorations of the future. Despite the fierce competition among motorcycle aftermarket parts and the slump in the modification market, we contemplated the suspension shock data obtained from the sensible perception of champion riders over the years.
Thus, the MOC brand project began.
In this arduous battlefield of the modification market, armed with our irreplaceable weapons, we embarked on an adventure to allow consumers to experience the joy of riding shared by professional riders. Just like the our brand's slogan, "Born to adventure."